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May 19, 2009 - Issue 008

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*article "Attitude Is Everything!" by Penny Steinke.

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Attitude Is Everything!

Attitude is everything. Why do I say that?

This past weekend I played in a big horseshoe tournament. I entered and wasn't really excited about it because I hadn't been playing that well. I went in the tournament though with a good attitude, a winning attitude.

I know I have the potential to beat anyone I play. Although I was nervous, I had to think like a winner. I couldn't let those negative thoughs creep into my mind.

I got over my nervousness by focusing and trying to stay relaxed. Overall I am happy with my performance for the weekend. It wasn't the best I've ever done, but I sure gained my confidence back. I am playing better and I am over my slump.

If I would have gone into the tournament with a wishy washy attitude and fear of doing bad or messing up, then I would have.

One player on my team had this problem. Although he is a title winning horseshoe player, he has it in his head that he can't win right now. And you know what? He didn't. He was already beat before he even threw his first horseshoe.

No matter what you do in your life or what your passion is, you HAVE TO have a good attitude. If you think something, then that is your reality. You can't let negative self talk hinder your performance. Whether in your work or play.... go into it with a great attitude! At times you will get down on yourself, but try to minimize that time. Positive self talk to yourself and turn any situation around.

Attitude is everything!

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Tip of the Month

Add more fiber to your diet. Women (19-50) need 25 g and women (51+) need 21 g. The average person eats only 12 g a day. Add whole grains, an apple, cauliflower, nuts, etc. Taking care of yourself from the inside out will help the appearance of your skin.

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In Health and Happiness,

Penny Steinke


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