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August 19, 2010 - Issue 022

In this issue

*article "Shark Tank" by Penny Steinke

*Tip of the Month

*Featured/New Products

*Business Opportunity Information

Shark Tank

While away on vacation, I finished reading an interesting book, If you don't have big breasts, put ribbons on your pigtails by Barbara Corcoran.

I saw her on a TV show called "Shark Tank" where everyday people can present their business ideas to five "sharks" who then decide if they will invest in the product or idea. This can really change people's lives. I think it's an awesome thing. Everybody can come up with a great idea and being able to get some financial support can be all that you need to become a success.

She was inspiring to me being the only woman on the show. I received her book as a Christmas gift and am just finishing reading it. (ugh, I hate when you don't have time to read a good book)

It's very interesting because she talks about her adult career in real estate and how it relates back to lessons that she learned from her mother.

Sometimes I wonder how people can remember such details from their childhood. I remember a few things, but not enough to make a book that would be interesting to others.

Anyways at the end of this book is a section on how to make a business plan that works. She gives you steps on how to get organized and make a plan to achieve success.

It's important to plan ahead. I plan to start attending more seminars and trainings this fall. You will always learn something new and these ideas can help you reach your goal.

Get your calendar out and pencil in some days to work on your part time business or another passion that you just don't seem to have enough time to do. If it's on your calendar, you will be more likely to stick to it. Good luck!

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Tip of the Month

Use your sun screen! Protect your precious skin.

On a personal note: I went out swimming with my nieces over the weekend and I though I wouldn't be out there that long, so I didn't put on sunscreen... ugh! I won't forget that again. My back and shoulders got burned in a short amount of time. Remember your sunscreen!

Featured/New Products

Exfoliating Face and Body Scrub

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Business Opportunity

"While this business is not for everyone, if you are a person who truly wants to help as many people as possible achieve their financial goals and dreams, then the network marketing business is worthy of your time to consider."

~Robert Kiyosaki The Business School for People Who Like Helping People

This is a man who knows a lot and is very successful. Don't take my word about considering this business for you or someone you know. Pick up his book and you won't be disappointed.




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In Health and Happiness,

Penny Steinke


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