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August 19, 2011 - Issue 034

In this issue

*article "Compare Skin Care Brands" by Penny Steinke

*Tip of the Month

*Featured/New Products

*Business Opportunity Information

Compare Skin Care Brands

Compare Skin Care Brands and Prices

If you go to the mall for your skin care needs, you may be spending too much.

Not only is L'BRI a highly effective skin care line, it is also affordable.

Let's look at some common skin care lines.


Cleanser - $47.00

Eye Make Up Remover - $16.00

Exfoliator - $ 19.00

Toner - $44.00

Eye Cream - $45.00

Moisturizer - $33.00

Total Cost - $204.00


Cleanser - $30.00

Eye Make Up Remover - $26.00

Exfoliator - $30.00

Toner - $30.00

Eye Gel - $48.00

Moisturizer - $30.00

Total Cost - $212.00


Cleanser - $19.50

Eye Make Up Remover - $17.00

Exfoliator - $18.50

Toner - $0 (doesn't offer)

Eye Cream - $47.50

Moisturizer - $40.00

Total Cost - $142.50


Cleanser - $25.00

Eye Make Up Remover - $26.00

Exfoliator - $25.00

Toner - $25.00

Eye Cream - $75.00

Moisturizer - $38.50

Total Cost - $214.50


Cleanser - $15.00

Make Up Remover - $0 (in the cleanser)

Exfoliator - $16.00

Freshener (toner) - $15.00

Eye Gel - $28.00

Moisturizer - $22.00

A Value of $96.00

Purchased as a set for only $81.50!


You can check online for prices just as I did. Not only is L'BRI effective and has awesome ingredients, it's also the most affordable!

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Tip of the Month

Choose a safe, quality sunscreen, and use it!

Featured/New Products

Here is the Monthly Sale Items

Believable Finish Blush

Goes on evenly for a natural glow.

Special Price: $7.75

Night Repair Treatment

Fresh, Youthful, and Rested. Looked like you just came home from vacation everyday!

Special Price: $47.00

Lip Gloss

Apply alone or over lipstick for a wet look.

Special Price: $9.25

*Free S&H on orders of $60 or more*

NutriAloe S&H $6.75

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Business Opportunity

Chances are you've been thinking a lot about starting your own business in the last few days. The more you learn, the more prepared you will be and this is the best way to start any venture!

But the more you learn, sometimes the more you start thinking "Can I really do this?"

The truth is, anyone and everyone can start a successful home based business and enjoy the wonderful opportunities and rewards that this business offers.

But fear can definitely stand in your way.

Let me give you an example from my own experience:

I first learned about L'BRI from my friend Sue. She told me about the products and shared some samples. I immediately fell in love with the products because they worked so well for my dry, sensitive skin.

At 27, this was the first time I had ever taken care of my skin consistently. What did I know about skin care? I didn't know anything!

But I swallowed my fear and opened my mind. I began reading and listening all about L'BRI. I was learning everything I could about the products. I did my first show alone.

What I loved the most was the reassurance that I was never far away from the answer to a question. If Sue didn't know the answer, then a quick call to the L'BRI office would answer it immediately.

L'BRI provides excellent customer and consultant support because they know that to build a successful business, you have to start from the ground up. I really appreciate the positive feedback and the support I continue to receive and it has helped me to grow as a person and into a successful business woman.

From that experience, I've made it my mission to help women from all across the country gain the confidence and self esteem to start your own home based business.

I personally work with every Consultant I recruit. When you sign up with me, you can expect a phone call immediately! Wherever you're at in your life, I want to help you get to where you want to be.

I'm a hands on trainer because I know that starting a home business is just like riding a bike:

- First you need to check things out, and watch someone else in action.

- Then you may ask for some tips for getting started smoothly with no scraped knees.

- Finally, you're ready to go, but still need a helping hand close by just in case you lose your balance.

I'd love to be the helping hand with your business and I can't wait to learn how I can help you!

Please feel free to reply to this ezine and let me know a bit about yourself. We can arrange a convenient time to discuss L'BRI and how I can help you start a successful business of your own.

P.S - You may be wondering why I don't just send you to a link and ask you to "sign up today!"

Here's why: I'd first like the chance to speak with you personally on the phone. Starting a business is a big deal and I want to do the best job I can to help train and support you as you get started.

But sometimes the time is just not right. You might be working an extremely stressful job right now and have no extra time. Would I be helping you by encouraging you to start a business when you obviously don't have time to build it?

I'd rather speak with you first and "meet" you before you actually sign up!

So please reply and tell me a little about yourself, what your plans are, and what makes you excited about becoming a L'BRI Consultant! Include your phone number and a convenient time to call you so that we can arrange a meeting to discuss your future business.

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In Health and Happiness,

Penny Steinke


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