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February 19, 2010 - Issue 016

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*article "Your Personal Growth" by Penny Steinke

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Your Personal Growth

In the past month or so, I have gone to two different "workshops".

The first one was last month. We had a guest speaker for the whole day. He was energetic, motivating, interesting, and entertaining.

His focus was somewhat on education, but for me it turned out to more about motivation. He had great energy, so the time went fast. A lot of the information I had heard before, but you can always hear good information often. It was a nice refresher course.

I did not read his book yet that we received because it deals with mostly teenagers. The most beneficial piece of information was a sheet that listed his ideas for your personal growth plan.

I don't know about you, but I spend hours a week in my car. What a better opportunity to listen to CDs on motivation, leadership, communication, finance, relationships, etc.

He talked about reading something inspirational each morning. It could be out of the bible or from some inspriation book. I personally get "The Daily Motivator" sent through e-mail each day.

Making sure you keep active. Start out your day with a brisk walk or short run to help get you motivated for your day.

He reminded me about attending workshops and seminars each month. If you can't attend one, then buy a new book and that will be your seminar for that month.

He said to speak to someone motivational each day. I never really thought about this before. At work, I can find someone to talk to each day because I work with positive people.

He said to write something important in a diary or journal each day. And also put your dreams down on paper. I have a dream board posted on my wall that I look at. I made this one in 2008. Some of the things I have accomplished, while others I still have to work on. I can do it! I may need to start a new one soon to add my new dreams. Dreams are wishes written down.

Associate with like minded people. A negative crowd will keep you down.

These are some of the ideas I got from our first speaker. I felt rejuvenated and motivated (despite the fact that I was still under the weather). He was one of the best speakers that I've heard.


The second speaker we had was actually this morning. We also received his book specifically about education. I glanced through it, and my first thought was why are the words so big and so much wasted space? Is this his way of selling books for more money because it takes up more space?

I had an open mind for this workshop. He through out some interesting facts, some that I have heard before. He had a take a "quiz". He gave a sheet with some questions on it that he wanted to know the answers to because it was relevant to his presentation.

The presentation was so based on race -black and white- that it was really a turnoff. Then he started looking at our answers and the first answer he started to talk about was one of the answers I wrote down (along with many others). He was saying "no" this is not the reason. Then he went on to discredit some other answers. I still don't know what the answer is yet.

It seemed like he brought up a lot of ideas, but never gave us what to do next. It was overall, for me, a very negative presentation.

Two presentations - two very different opinions and perspectives. No matter what you do or what you see, you have to take the good parts and apply them in your life, and leave the rest.

This month, make your own personal growth plan.

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Tip of the Month

Avoid using strong soaps, which can strip oil from your skin. Instead choose mild cleansers.

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Penny Steinke


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