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January 19, 2012 - Issue 039

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*article "New Year's Goals" by Penny Steinke

*Tip of the Month

*Featured/New Products

*Business Opportunity Information

New Year's Goals

Happy New Year!

I hope you all had a blessed holiday season. Here we are again a few weeks into a new year. Did you make some kind of resolution? I read in a magazine that about 30% of people make some kind of lose weight or get fit goals.

Here are some tips to help you accomplish this goal.

-- Eat breakfast regularly.

-- Walk about an hour a day, or burn an equivalent amount of calories in other activities.

-- Weigh weekly.

-- Track food intake

-- Count calories and fat grams.

-- Limit eating out to an average of three times a week, including all meals, and consume fast food less than once a week.

-- Limit food variety, mostly eating similar foods from week to week and not splurging much on holidays and special occasions.

-- Watch fewer than 10 hours of television a week.

-- Average about 1,800 calories a day with less than 30 percent of those calories from fat.

These are some small steps you can take to help you achieve your goal. If you have given up on your goals already, take this moment to re-energize yourself and get back on track. You can do it!

Happy New Year!

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Tip of the Month

We all should exfoliate (the process of sloughing off the dead skin cells) our skin once a week.

Featured/New Products

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Business Opportunity

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In Health and Happiness,

Penny Steinke


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