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March 19, 2011 - Issue 029

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*article "Aim for nothing, and you can be certain that's what you'll get."

by Penny Steinke

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"Aim for nothing, and you can be certain that's what you'll get."

I am taking this series of tele-conference calls. I had my first call last week.

"Aim for nothing, and you can be certain that's what you'll get."

The first topic was Goal Setting.

I have learned that this really is so very important. Just like the quote above says, if you don't have any expectations or goals, you won't reach them and get what you want.

No matter what you do in your life, goal setting is your foundation for success. Ordinary people achieving extraordinary things is the result of goal setting.

Years ago a study was done at Yale University. They interviewed a graduating class. Only 3% wrote down their life goals. Years later, they re-interviewed that same class. What they found was astounding! Those 3% that wrote down their goals made more money than the other 97% combined!

Think about that for a second...

Only about 1% of Americans write down their goals. Are you one of them?

Goal setting is the difference between taking what you get and getting what you want.

So its settling for what you have or going the extra mile to really getting what you want.

This is a lot of information already. I have a few more things to share that I learned.

You need to set S T R E T C H goals for yourself. This means if you wanted to lose 30 pounds in the next 6 months. Break this down. This comes out to 5 pounds a month. It comes out to a little over a pound a week. So instead of focusing on those 30 pounds. Make little S T R E T C H goals. Think about those 5 pounds a month or the pound each week.

Lastly about goals...

You have to set SMART goals.

SMART stands for Specific Measurable Attainable Realistic Time frame.

Your goals have to be all of these things to make them work. Here is a little note that you could fill out for your goals.

My Goal is:

Benefit:(your why's)

Affirmation:(what you can say to yourself to keep you motivated)

Break it down:(like the losing weight example above)

Well this is a lot to think about. I am glad I got to share it with all of you. I hope you can find some use for these ideas in your own life.

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Tip of the Month

During the winter months, make sure you choose a really good moisturizer for your skin.

Featured/New Products


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Business Opportunity

Today I'd like to tell you a little bit about L'Bri.

Linda and Brian Kaminski created L'Bri back in 1998 with a determination to build a company offering pure and natural, aloe based products to customers while also providing a trustworthy and reliable income opportunity for consultants.

The name "L'Bri" was created by combining Linda and Brian's names and is pronounced La Bry (like cry).

It might surprise you to know that L'Bri is only 11 years old. Linda and Brain have grown this business with care and caution and so far we have weathered 3 recessions with flying colors!

The Kaminski's remain very much involved with their business and it's not unusual to find yourself on the phone with either of them when you have a difficult question that needs to be answered!

I believe that Linda and Brian have worked so hard to create a reputable direct sales company that stands by its products and its consultants because they've had many difficult experiences in the past.

Linda got started in direct sales in the 1980s and quickly became a team leader in the company she joined. Tragically, just as she was becoming successful, the company went bankrupt and the car she's worked so hard to earn was impounded without notice. What a horrible experience that must have been!

After struggling with several other direct sales companies, Linda finally realized that the only solution was to start a company of her own.

The Kaminski's knew what they wanted to sell: natural, aloe based skin care products.

Brian had been terribly burned in an accident at his work and Linda had treated his burns with Pure Aloe Jelly. The aloe healed Brian's burns amazingly well with minimal scarring, and the Kaminski's were sure that aloe would be a terrific base for other skin care products as well.

When discussing their skin care line with chemists around the country, many discouraged the Kaminski's for being so picky about the ingredients included in the products.

Linda and Brian were firm about their belief in pure and natural products and have remained vigilant about eliminating ingredients when they have been shown to cause harm to the body.

Eventually Linda and Brian found a small manufacturer in Arizona that could understand their vision for pure, aloe based products.

All of the L'Bri products come formulated with more pure Aloe Barbadensis Miller than any other ingredient. This aloe is grown organically only in Arizona, where it is hand picked and hand fillet for our products.

Creating L'Bri took a lot of work and a lot of money. Linda and Brian sold almost everything they owned and Brian rode to work on a bicycle until the business began to take off.

Despite these hardships, the Kaminski's have stood fast and true to their commitment to their customers and consultants to provide quality, affordable natural skin care products.

And you have the fantastic opportunity to join this company and make money sharing these fantastic products with your friends and family!

Are you convinced that L'Bri is the right company for you?

Please feel free to reply to this e-zine and let me know a bit about yourself. We can arrange a convenient time to discuss L'Bri and how I can help you start a successful business of your own.

Have a great day!!

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In Health and Happiness,

Penny Steinke


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