L'BRI Lady

Why I decided to work as the L'BRI Lady from home after earning my Masters degree.

Yeah, I have a Masters degree in Curriculum and Instruction. I am also a National Board Certified Teacher. I imagined working in the classroom for 30 years and then retiring and beginning to enjoy my life.


I have since changed my mind. I tried the classroom thing for 5 years full time. Then my school was closed down due to the numbers (low enrollment and low test scores). Then I went to a home party where the lady was teaching proper skin care. I enjoyed myself and I started to talking with her about her business. I never dreamed of joining a network marketing company and becoming a L'BRI Lady. Heck I didn't even know it was called that.

Soon I joined and began "being my own boss". It didn't quite come easy to me, and I wondered why others were doing better than me? I had a very strong desire, but I wasn't making that much money.

While searching online for solutions, I came across a lady named Ann Sieg. She changed how I thought about network marketing. I began creating my own web site and now I am working on a new blog to help drive traffic to my site.

I am still teaching during the day, but as Robert Kiyosaki says, you need to work harder in your part time job than you do at your day job. I am working hard and believe me, it does take time. But I am slowly beginning to see the results of my work. People are finding my web site and contacting me. Some order free samples, some don't.

I am learning so much about the internet, more than I ever learned in all of my years at school. One day I will be able to quit my day job all together and totally work from home (part time!). Then I will have that retirement I was looking for while I'm still young and can enjoy it. I will also be able to focus on my other hobbies and interests.

This is why I decided to work from home as a L'BRI Lady. Perhaps like you, I did not even know this was something I really wanted to do. Give it a try, but remember it takes time and a lot of hard work. Don't give up!

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