What To Know About Rosacea

Rosacea is a chronic skin disease which causes redness, pimples, and tiny red veins on the nose, cheeks, chin, and forehead. It is sometimes referred to as "adult acne". It also creates a burning and soreness in the eyes and eyelids.

It can be embarrassing and lowers one's self confidence and self esteem. If left untreated it can get worse. Only a small fraction of the 14 million affected are being treated. It usually begins between ages 30 and 60. It is more common among women, but the severe cases are more common in men.

This is not a contagious condition, and it can affect all skin types (dry, combination, or oily).

The cause is unknown, but it tends to affect fair skinned people. It also runs in families.

It is NOT caused by alcohol as people once believed. Alcohol can make your condition worse causing flare ups. Other triggers for flare ups include exercise, sun and wind exposure, hot weather, stress, spicy foods, smoking, and hot baths.

It has been recommended that you keep a daily journal of your food, products used, and activities. This will help you determine what triggers your rosacea.

Doctors are able to diagnose after a physical exam. If left untreated, symptoms can get worse, recur more often, and eventually become permanent.

There are 4 main types

1. Erythematotelangiectatic - flushing and persistent redness and visible blood vessels

2. Papulopustular - persistent redness of bumps and pimples

3. Phymatous - skin thickening and enlarged nose

4. Ocular - dry eyes, tearing, burning and swollen eyelids

With treatment, symptoms improve in 2-4 weeks with best results occurring within 2 months.

Types of treatment include medication both creams and pills and surgery for advanced disorders (dermabrasion, cryosurgery, or laser).

Prevention Tips

-know your own triggers and avoid them

-use sunscreen daily

-be gentle and use products for sensitive skin

-take care of your eyes

-protect your face in the winter with a scarf

-don't rub, scrub, or irritate your skin

-don't get overheated

-avoid getting hairspray on your face

While there is no cure, it is controllable.
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