Make-Up Tips

Get all your make-up tips here. Trial and error will let you decide for yourself what works best for you and your skin type. Here are some make-up tips.

1. In general, it's better to use a shadow color that is opposite of your eye color. By using a contrasting shade the eye will open up and look bigger.

2. If the eye is small, avoid using black eye liner pencil and black mascara. Black is a reducing color and can make eyes look smaller. Try Navy or Eggplant instead.

3. Never just use eyeliner on the lower eyelid. This will make your eye look unbalanced. Line both the upper and lower lids or just the upper.

4. If your eyelid is too small, just gently line outer half of lower and upper lid with shadow to accentuate.

5. If the eye is small use lighter shades to open up the eye.

6. If the eye is big or bulging use darker shades to set back and define.

7. Avoid using brown shadow if you have brown eyes. Looks too muddy.

8. Green eyes look great with gray, purple, or navy shadows.

9. Blue eyes look best with brown, smoke, or rose tones.

10. For brown eyes khaki, pine, smoke, and violets with a blue undertone look best.

11. For a softer more natural look use the angle brush with eye shadow to line eye.

12. Always use a hi-lighter. It helps to open and lift the eye and it makes the whites of the eye whiter.

13. Eyebrows can take years off the face. For best results, use a shade slightly lighter than your hair color. Use short, feathery strokes for the most natural affect.

14. In general, powder brush on brow looks more natural than pencil.

15. Don't apply concealer from the tube. This causes wear and tear of the delicate eye area. Rub concealer on your ring finger, then gentle "stipple" under the eye area.

16. If someone is extremely dark around the eye area, apply concealer under and over make-up foundation for better coverage.

17. 70% of women wears the wrong shade of liquid make-up. For accurate color matching, test on the jaw line or forehead (not on your hand).

18. It's better to go a little deeper than too light. Too light will make lines and pores look more obvious.

19. Blend foundation over eyelids to hide tiny imperfections and also so the eye shadow stays on longer.

20. Apply blush at least two fingers away from your nose.

21. Never put blush on the nose unless you want your nose to look larger.

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