Beauty Tips

Beauty tips just for you.

Check here if you're still not sure what colors are for you.


~use amber for dark circles or blueness under your eyes

~use medium for medium tone skin

~use light neutral for ivory toned skin


~use neutral colors like hint of red and naked rose

Eye Color Suggestions

Natural Look

Lid color ~use nude, chrome, or mocha

Crease color ~use mocha, twig, or golden smoke

Brow Bone color ~use cream glow

Evening Look for Cool Skin Tones

Lid color ~use bashful blue, chrome, or shy violet

Crease color ~use mocha, golden smoke, or plum

Brow Bone color ~use cream glow or lingerie

Evening Look for Warm Skin Tones

Lid color ~use milk shake, sage, or mocha

Crease color ~use smoked khaki, twig, ginger, or chocolate

Brow Bone color ~use bisque or cream glow

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