Age Spots Are Really Sun Spots

Age spots are called by many names including liver spots, solar lentigines, and sun spots. They are solely caused by the sun, so they should be called sun spots. They appear as flat gray, brown, or black spots. They vary in size and appear on sun exposed skin including your face, hands, shoulders, and arms. It develops slowly over the years.

Sun spots are most common among fair skinned people and usually occur in people over 40. Sun spots do not itch and they are not painful. They do fade over time.

Sun spots are harmless. They do not need to be removed, and are only done so for cosmetic reasons.

Sun spots are accompanied by wrinkles, dryness, thinning of your skin, and rough spots.

An important fact to remember is that if your sun spots show any changes in size, shape, or color they should be checked out by a doctor. A biopsy will be taken to determine if the spot is really a cancerous growth.

Treatments include lightening or fading creams, laser therapy, freezing, dermabrasion, and chemical peels.

Prevention is the key. This includes avoiding the sun, using sunscreen, and wearing protective hats and clothing.

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