What Is Your Skin Type?

Find out your skin type and how to take care of it. Everyone wants clear, smooth, and healthy skin. Skin care is the most important step to achieving this.

Maintain - Repair - Prevent

Along with the natural aging process, your skin in subjected to: pollution, sun exposure, smoking, lack of sleep, antibiotics, alcohol, stress, junk food, lack of exercise, improper skin care and cosmetics, and low water intake

4 Basic Skin Care Steps

1. Cleansing to remove make up, dirt, and dust. (never use soap and always treat your skin gently)

2. Exfoliating to remove dead skin cells that can clog your pores, which reveals younger, smoother, softer skin.

3. Freshener (toner) to restore pH balance.

4. Moisturize to counteract dryness and help prevent signs of aging.

There are different skin types. Click here to learn about

dry skin,
combination skin,
oily skin,
acne skin,
sensitive skin.

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