Freckles Make You Unique!

What are freckles?

Freckles are little flat brown spots. They sit on the top layer of our skin. They are abnormal collections of melanin pigments on our skin.

What causes them?

They are caused by the sun. Freckles form when our skin gets damaged by too much sun exposure. They can also be inherited. They are common on people with fair complexions, blond or red hair, and light colored eyes.

Freckles are sometimes referred to as ephelides. They are absolutely harmless and pose no health risks. They are not a skin disorder.

They often fade in the winter and get darker in the summer. They also fade as you get older.

Freckles are unique. Some may like them while others don't. It's much easier to prevent them than trying to remove them later. You can prevent them by using sun screen, avoiding the sun, wearing wide brimmed hats, and long sleeves.

There are freckle creams available that bleach your skin. Other treatments include cryosurgery (freezing them off), chemical peels, and laser removal.

Laser treatments can be costly and they have some side effects. They can make your skin crust over and also bruise.

Before getting freckles taken off with a laser, they need to be checked by a doctor. Some brown spots can be confused as freckles. The spots need to be checked for cancer. Freckles are not cancerous, but some brown spots may be.

It's all a matter of preference whether you like or dislike them. You should be proud of them! Kids often get teased at school, but we need to teach our kids that they are beautiful just the way they are. Protecting your children at an early age from the damaging rays of the sun can help prevent freckles and skin cancer.

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