Dry Red Skin

Do You Want To Heal Your Dry Red Skin?

Does your skin feel tight?

Does your face hurt?

I used to have these symptoms, especially during the winters in Wisconsin.

I went to home party that a friend had invited me to. I tried the products and instantly my skin felt more moisturized.

The redness is gone.

The tightness is gone.

My face doesn't hurt especially during those cold winter days.

Occasionally, I still get dry patches on my body. I was told it was seasonal eczema. When I see this, I put on my lotion.

The next day, it is almost completely gone! The aloe in this lotion is really healing to the skin.

Solutions For You

L'BRI's Hand and Body Lotion

L'BRI's Body Wash

L'BRI's Aloe Jelly

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Dry Skin Care

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