Dry Skin Lotion

Dry Skin Lotion With Aloe Will Heal Your Skin!

This is one of the most common skin conditions. In order to heal your skin, you need to replenish the moisture that your skin loses every day.

Every day the weather and free radicals rob our skin of its precious moisture. You need to hydrate your face as well as your body.

Using lotion from Wal-mart or other like stores, only stays on top of your skin. It doesn't truly moisturize.

L'BRI's Hand and Body Lotion contains aloe as its first ingredient. Not the green aloe that you see at the store, but pure aloe jelly.

Aloe has the 3 P's.

1. Purity - it is natural

2. Penetration - it can get to your second layer of skin to truly heal from the inside out

3. Potency - highly concentrated amounts

Aloe Vera is the delivery system that penetrates. If Aloe can heal a bad burn, imagine what it can do for your face!

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