Dry Facial Skin

Dry Facial Skin Needs Its Moisture Replaced

It isn't complicated.

Your skin is dried out. It might be from the harsh weather conditions or because of your age.

To fix the problem, you need an excellent moisturizer.

Since L'BRI's first ingredient is Aloe Vera, it is able to penetrate your skin and get to the second layer. So, this means it's not just sitting on the surface of your skin.

L'BRI's moisturizers are effective and in a class of their own.

L'BRI Recommendations

The Gentle Trio, which includes the gentle cleansing lotion, gentle freshener, and the gentle moisture lotion.

Exfoliating Face and Body Scrub, which removes your dull, lifeless skin.

For very dry skin, L'Bri recommends their Intense Moisturizer, Body Butter, and Pure Aloe Jelly.

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