Dry Skin Care

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It is important to set up a skin care routine. This may be new for you.

Before I discovered L'BRI, I didn't even wash my face regularly. I just used run off in the shower. It is no wonder, that my skin was dry.

Using bar soap is VERY drying for your skin.

It is very easy to start a routine. You will need to keep with it for 3 weeks in order for it to become part of your routine. It will only take a few minutes in the morning and evening to heal your cracked skin.

I suggest trying some skin care samples first, just to make sure that you are not allergic to any of the ingredients. For your skin condition please try the gentle sample or the gentle sample with intense moisturizer.

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You won't see the full results with your sample, but you will feel the difference the first time you try it.

Your skin will feel more hydrated. Aloe has the ability to penetrate into the second layer of the skin. It doesn't just sit on the top.

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