How To Put On Eye Make Up

Are you having trouble putting on eye make up?

It's easier than you think. Just like anything, the more you do it the easier and better you get at it.

Before doing your eyes, you will need to apply your regular foundation and concealer if needed. The foundation should be put right over your lids. Concealer is needed to cover up dark circles under your eye area. Doing this will also help to hold the color on better and the color won't collect in your creases.

When choosing eye make up colors, you will probably want to stay away from colors that are the same as your eye color. However, I say probably because sometimes when you try out colors that aren't supposed to work for you, they look great! So, just experiment with different colors.

You will need to pick 3 colors. The first color you will apply is the high-lighter color which goes right under your brow bone. Next apply your lid color all over your lid. The final color will be your crease color. Apply this starting at the outside and working your way in. I prefer to use a brush, but you can choose to use an applicator.

Just play with the color a bit by moving it around. Add more if needed. It is easy and should be fun! Remember, you will get better each time you do it.

Next you will want to line your eyes. I use shadow colors and an angle tipped brush. Get the brush wet, dip it in the color and line your upper and lower lids. You can also choose to use a pencil for a smokier look.

Lastly, apply mascara to both lashes. The trick to this is finding a good mascara that won't clump and won't irritate your eyes.

And that's it! It was simple and easy to do. Most importantly it was quick. You like to look good and present yourself well, but you don't want to have to take long periods of time in front of the mirror. You have better things to do!

Need to see this in action. Check out my video.

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