Aloe Lotion

L'BRI's Aloe Lotion Is the Best Soothing and Hydrating Lotion!

A few years ago, I noticed these round dry, scaly patches of skin on my body. It was a handful of them. Some were small like peas and one was as big as a quarter.

While at the doctor, I had him look at the patches. He said is was most likely seasonal eczema. I have never had this problem before.

He suggested using some hydrating lotion to help moisturize those areas.

I asked around to find the BEST lotion. The only recommendations I got was Lubriderm or Keri Lotion, stuff at your local Wal-mart or Target.

UGH! I wish I would have known about L'BRI back then. I used the store bought lotion which contained mostly water and harsh chemicals. It was no wonder, the scaly patches lasted most of the winter months.

After discovering L'BRI, I've only had these patches come back a couple of times. When they did, I used L'Bri's Hand and Body Lotion. Over night, the patch was almost completely gone!

I couldn't feel it by rubbing my fingers over it. I had to look for it and it was almost completely gone in one day and by the second day it was gone.

L'BRI's Aloe Lotion is the BEST because it is effective and truly works to hydrate your skin.

I am excited to announce that L'BRI now has FREE body care samples available.

This includes 2 samples of our Daily Moisturizing Hand & Body Lotion, 2 samples of Ultimate Body Wash, 2 samples of Intense Body Butter, and 2 samples of Super Aloe.

Also included is a product catalog, a Nutri Aloe / Super Aloe flyer, and a L'Bri vs. The Competition flyer.

Instructions are included.

The samples are free, you only pay $6.75 for Shipping and Handling. What a great way to see if you like the products before having to purchase full sized bottles!

To order your free samples, click here!

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