Attraction Marketing

Attraction Marketing? What Is It? Why Do You Need It?

Have you head this term floating around? I had no idea what it was when I first started my new business.

I signed up thinking I was going to have home parties and sharing it with everyone I know. Soon I realized there must be something more. I began searching and came across this attraction marketing. So, what is it?

It's all about building relationships. It's about getting on social sites and getting to know new people. It's about building a rapport with people. Soon they will get to know you as well, and start to trust you. Then you will be able to start to tell people about your products or opportunities based on what they might need.

You won't be hounding people. They won't be saying "ugh, here comes that skin care lady!" You will be getting people who want to hear more about what you are doing. They will take advice from their friend.

This sounds great, right? Yes! Don't think that this will happen over night. I have been working this new process for about 3 1/2 months now, and I am slowly making process. It will work. I have seen another gal in my industry doing it and she is excelling! I am excited because that will be me soon. I will be a success. I just have to keep doing a little each day or week. I have to learn and then apply what I learn.

I would love to help you get started with your education. Think about this. I went to college for 5 years for teaching. 5 years! So, really I have only been learning my new career form 3 1/2 months. I still have a ways to go, but I can go at my own pace. I know this summer has been busy. I don't know what kind of day job I will be having in the fall. Will I be teaching full time somewhere? or will I be back to subbing? I plan to really work this business and building relationships every day this fall.

I want the money. I have a strong desire to succeed. Now I need to make it happen. Dreams can come true, but you need to work at it. You only fail when you give up, and I am not going to give up! Here is something to think about:

training + little action = nothing

a lot of action + little training = frustration

a balance of training + consistent action = massive predictable "effortless" success

Good day to you!

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