L'BRI's Blush

L'BRI's Blush goes on evenly for a natural, healthy glow.

~designed to highlight your natural contours and enhance the beauty of your skin


~glides on easily

~gives a very natural "lift" of color that brightens the eyes and the whole face

~available in a variety of natural-looking colors to compliment every skin tone

~is non-comedogenic (will not clog pores)

~easy to apply

~easy to blend

~gives your face an instant lift

~convenient "carry along" container

~can apply a shade darker under your cheekbone and a shade lighter on top of bone

~apply with a brush, tap the brush lightly to remove excess powder

~add color gradually with a light touch to avoid streaking

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Note: Cosmetics are not covered by L'BRI's 45 day guarantee. Please make 100% sure that you like the shade you are purchasing before you order. Thank you.

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