L'BRI's Brush On Brow

L'BRI's Brush On Brow is available in natural looking shades to complement your hair color.

~eyebrows are your face's exclamation points

~it's best to have them natural looking and accentuating your eyes like a picture frame

~a well groomed, well defined eyebrow can be extremely flattering and add considerable strength to your eye

~comes in 4 colors - blonde, ash, auburn, & soft smoke

~easy to use with an angle brush

~stays on all day

~shapes and corrects

~find a shade that closely matches your hair color or a shade lighter for the most natural look

~brush hair upward and into place using short, feathery strokes

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Note: Cosmetics are not covered by L'BRI's 45 day guarantee. Please make 100% sure that you like the shade you are purchasing before you order. Thank you.

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