Create Your I Story

Create your I Story

It should be a brief story that lets others know about how you got involved with L'BRI.

Tell them about your experience. Be brief. Make it interesting. Tell them how they can succeed.

I have two versions of my I story.

Story 1

I was introduced to L'BRI 4 years ago when my friend invited me to a home party. When I tried the facial masque, I was hooked. This product is so awesome. It's a 48 hour face lift. I could see and feel the difference the first time I tried it. My skin felt so soft. I decided to become a consultant to earn some extra income. I was substitute teaching and wanted to supplement my income. I invite all of you to look at L'BRI's opportunity and see if it is something you might like to try.

There is my first story. I answered 4 things.

1. How was I introduced to L'BRI?

2. What is my personal product testimonial?

3. Why did I become a consultant? What did I want to use the money for?

4. And lastly, giving them an invitation to look at the opportunity.

Story 2

I was attracted to L'BRI because it just made my skin feel so soft and wonderful. I was nervous about becoming a consultant at first because I hadn't done anything like this before. I was shy. My life is better now because I keep learning new things, I improve myself, and I make extra money each month. I love meeting new people and personally growing each day .

In the second story, I answered different questions.

1. What attracted me to L'BRI?

2. What was I nervous about?

3. How is my life better?

4. What do I love most about my business?

Try out both versions and see what you prefer. The second version seems a little more focused on the business.

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