L'BRI's Discount Skincare

You can find discount skincare from L'BRI. Everyone is looking for products that are affordable, but more importantly products that work! Well, L'Bri has both.

L'BRI's offers several sets.

One is the Basic Set 1, which includes the skin care trio of your choice plus the exfoliating scrub and eye repair gel.

Basic Set 2 includes the skin care trio of your choice plus the facial peel and eye repair gel.

L'BRI's Essentials Set includes everything you need for healthy, great looking skin at a great saving! The Essentials Set includes the trio of your choice, scrub, peel, eye gel, maxifirm, time erase, and now also our new body butter and aloe infused socks!

L'BRI's Body Indulgence includes the new Aloe Body Butter and Aloe infused socks in a gold cosmetic bag.

L'BRI's body perfect includes the hand and body lotion along with the body wash with a cleansing net all beautifully packaged in a drawstring satchel bag.

When you buy these products separately, it will cost you more. Plan ahead and take advantage of these money saving sets.

To learn more about the products included, click here. Then scroll down to money saving sets, and click on the one you'd like to find out more about.

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