Use Email Effectively

Email... isn't it great?!

Say good bye to cold calling. Say good bye to calling your customers during the day! No one likes to be interrupted by anyone during their day and especially not at night!

The answer to this is using email. You will be able to contact your customers whenever you want (even at 2 in the morning). They can receive it when it's convenient for them.

One place I found to have a great system for this is aweber. For $19 a month, you can have your information sent out automatically to your customers.

Aweber also has other features including newsletters, sign up forms, templates, making sure your customers get your information, and free customer support.

This will make your job EASY! You can inform your customers as often as you choose. You can create a series to go out one time and then use them over and over again.

The prices are as follows for aweber -

12 months - $193.80

3 months - $49.00

1 month - $19.00

To sign up for aweber or to learn more about it, click here! When you first start your business, this will be a cost that can wait. You will have many other things to focus on first.

You will want to definitely set aweber up when you start to build your list of people interested or when you have a couple of sample orders a week.

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If you were to decide to join my team, I would give you a copy of all the autoresponders that I use! This is hours of work already done for you! This is one of the things that is offered in my consultants only section of my web site. To sign up, click here.

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