L'BRI's Eyeliner

L'BRI's Eyeliner will create a dramatic touch of eye-opening color next to your lashes.

~creamy, smooth application that is easy to blend

~defines eye shape and makes your lashes look thicker

~glide on easily

~will not pull the delicate skin around the eye area

~creates a fine line or can be smudged to a smoky finish

~comes in 5 different colors

~lift your chin and tilt your head back slightly as you look in the mirror, so that you can see clearly along your lash line

~begin at the outer corner above the lashes of the upper eyelid and draw inward to the center of the eye

~apply thicker at the outside and taper in as you work towards the inner eye

~apply on lower lid beginning at the outer corner and work inwards

~with fingertip or a Q-tip gently smudge only the outer edge of your pencil line for a natural look

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Note: Cosmetics are not covered by L'BRI's 45 day guarantee. Please make 100% sure that you like the shade you are purchasing before you order. Thank you.

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