L'BRI's Eyeshadows

L'BRI's Eyeshadows glide on easily and last all day.

~apply dry for a subtle effect or wet for more intense color

~shadow case contains 4 magnetic refillable eye shades and mirror

~can mix and match colors creating a palette that's perfect for you!

~comes in 17 different colors

~hypo-allergenic and free of mineral oil

~will not collect in creases

~apply using short strokes with a sponge-tip applicator

~step 1 - apply a light shade on the brow bone

~step 2 - apply a different color on your lid

~step 3 - apply a crease color

~start applying shadow at outer corner and work in

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Note: Cosmetics are not covered by L'BRI's 45 day guarantee. Please make 100% sure that you like the shade you are purchasing before you order. Thank you.

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