Set Goals

You need goals. They are more important than you think. What do you want to do with your life? your year? this month? today?

Your ideas need to be written down and you need look at them often. We forget sometimes what we really want to do because we get side tracked with daily life. Think about what you want. Write down your goals for this week, this month, this year. Look at them everyday. Decide how you are going to make this happen. Make a plan. Write down some due dates for yourself that are realistic for you to accomplish. You will be able to hold yourself accountable for the tasks you've written down.

Focus on what you want, and whatever you do, Don't Give Up!

No matter what you want to accomplish... lose weight, get a better job, find the right person, eat healthier, start a new business... whatever you want to do, just don't give up. Often times things end up taking longer than we expected and hoped for and we quit. If you give up then it will never happen.

Having a team around you is so very important. Tell people (family, friends, co-workers, a mentor, a coach, whoever) about what you want and what you desire. They can help you keep on track and support you in your efforts. To be successful, you can't do it all on your own. Have people around you and you will be successful, especially positive people who may have done already what you wish to accomplish.

Think. Write them down. Stay focused. Use your team. and most importantly Don't Give Up!

You only fail when you quit trying. Click here to return from goals to my articles.

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