All Ingredients Are Important!

Aloe skin care starts with great ingredients. The ingredients are delivered to a manufacturing facility as raw materials. There are three grades of raw materials.

1. Industrial

2. Cosmetic

3. USP Pharmaceutical

The best raw materials are USP Pharmaceutical Grade. This one is the most expensive and it meets certain criteria.

Some examples of raw materials are flowers, bark, and roots. When these materials are delivered to the manufacturing facility, they are taken to a quarantined area. They are checked in. A sample is taken and tested in the lab. The raw materials are tested for contamination including yeast, fungus, and mold. It either gets approved and used or thrown away if contaminated.

Just as a chef follows a recipe, there is a recipe for the different aloe skincare products. It is a list of ingredients and how much to use. All are weighed out and put into sanitary containers. Once that is done, it gets double checked again for accuracy.

The materials are mixed in big vats and sent to the filling station where they are filled and packaged.

Samples are again taken from the finished product and sent to the lab. They are tested for contamination again.

Why don't companies just buy the raw materials from a dealer who specializes in it?

The dealer will take one vat of quality product and divide it up into 10 or more vats to make money on it. That's why processing your own will ensure the highest quality.

The manufacturing facilities will have different licenses. For example, a license to manufacture cosmetics, a license to manufacture food, and an over the counter drug license.

Manufacturing plants also get visits from the Health Department and the Food and Drug Administration.

With all of these inspections and testing of raw materials, the products are made of high quality and effective components!

Here are some of the great raw materials besides aloe vera.

Arnica - promotes removal of waste, heals and soothes the skin

Jojoba - good for dry skin and promotes cell renewal

Coneflower (Echinacea) - strengthens and firms

Green Tea - good anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory properties

Chamomile - gentle disinfectant, calming, anti-inflammatory, and reduces redness

Ginseng - strengthens

Evening Primrose - regenerates skin cells

Plus many more including horsetail extract, red and brown ocean sea plants, passion flower, lavender, and cucumber extract!

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