Do you know how important it is to journal?

I know I have heard it before, but I struggle with keeping up with it.

We can’t trust our memory. We need to write things down. I keep a notebook by my bed to write in. It doesn’t have to be long. It could even be list like.

Things are happening all the time to us, and we will forget if we don’t write things down. Really try to make this a part of your day. It take 21 days for something to become routine. Try hard to remind yourself to write each day.

What do I write about?

Here are some suggestions. Write down your accomplishments or your “wins” for the day. It could be BIG things or even small things like “I figured out how to send a group email today” These accomplishments depend on you and where you are at. Don’t miss celebrating these little “wins”.

Take notes on problems that you are dealing with. Often times writing can help you sort out the problem and see possible solutions.

Write down ideas that come into your mind. Some of your greatest ideas are lost because you don’t write them down.

Write down your goals. Keep updating how it’s going to reach your goals and how you feel about it.

Write down quotes that impact you. People from the past have been there before and we can learn from their mistakes and from their lives.

Write down your dreams. You may or may not remember your dreams, but if you do, write them down right away before you forget. And you will forget without writing it down.

Write down facts or stats that you want to remember.

This is important. In today’s world, we often type, text, email, etc. We don’t hand write many things.

Take time to hand write a note or letter to someone every once in awhile. Have you received a card or note in the mail? Didn’t you feel good. It is rare to get these things anymore, so make someone’s day special.

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