L'BRI's Lipliner Pencil

L'BRI's Lipliner Pencil defines natural lip lines and prevents lipstick from feathering.

~goes on smoothly and evenly

~super smooth

~defines the shape of your mouth

~shades are coordinated to complement all lipsticks

~prevents lip color from bleeding into fine lines around the mouth area

~corrects the shape or your lips

~beautiful shades blend with your complete wardrobe

~begin at outer corners and work in

~draw a line following the natural shape of your lip using short, light strokes (not a sweeping motion)

~don't stretch your mouth as you apply, keep mouth relaxed to achieve a natural look

~for long-lasting lip color, fill in the entire lip with pencil and then apply lip color

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Note: Cosmetics are not covered by L'BRI's 45 day guarantee. Please make 100% sure that you like the shade you are purchasing before you order. Thank you.

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