Mens Facial Scrub

Finally a mens facial scrub that is very effective.

When practicing proper skin care, it is important to exfoliate your skin two to three times a week. Using a quality facial scrub will help to remove the dead skin cells that are building up on your face and body.

The face and body scrub will work well for both men and women. Remember it is not heavily fragranced.

L'BRI has a face and body scrub that is formulated for all skin types.

Here are the benefits-

~exfoliates without damaging your skin

~will not scratch your skin

~use on your face, body, and troubled spots including knees and elbows

~removes the dry "flakes"

~removes excess oils

~leaves your skin looking fresher, healthier, and cleaner

~apply to wet skin using a light upward and outward motion for about a minute avoiding the eye area, rinse thoroughly, and pat dry

~great to use in the shower because it will easily rinse off and can easily become a part of your routine

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