Proper Skin Care Tips

Proper skin care tips should be your first concern.

If you want beautiful, healthy skin, you need to follow some guidelines.

Drink plenty of water.

Don't drink alcohol excessively.

Don't smoke.

Get plenty of rest.


Eat plenty of fruits and vegetables.

These are just general healthy living tips. They also have a huge impact on your skin.

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Simple Skin Care Routine

Proper Skin Care Tips

If you aren't on any routine now, I suggest you start with a three step system.

1. Cleanser - gets rid of pollutants and make up

2. Freshener - puts the pH balance back into your skin protecting you from bacteria

3. Moisturizer - maintains moisture balance and is a barrier to outside elements

These 3 steps can be completed in a few minutes morning and night. It really makes all the difference.

Other Steps

Additional steps may be added as needed.

Since your eyes are the first place to show signs of aging, you'll want to add an eye gel to your routine.

Exfoliating your skin weekly will help to get rid of dead skin cells and reveal your fresh young skin underneath.

As you get older, you may consider adding some anti-aging products that focus on lines, wrinkles, age spots, etc.

Even if you add these steps, it still isn't going to take you long to have healthy skin.

Your first concern is proper skin care. Then if you do choose to wear make up, it will go on so much better. It will really enhance your natural beauty instead of covering up bad skin.

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