The Power of Self Talk

There is truly a lot of power in self talk, which is defined as what you say or think to yourself both silently and aloud. Psychologists estimate that we have 20,000-60,000 thoughts per day! So we are constantly talking to ourselves.

It is also estimated that 77% of self talk is negative! This means we are thinking "I can't do it", "I can't afford it", "I don't have the time", "That's impossible", etc. In order to make a change in your life, you will have to change how you think. It's important to try and eliminate negative thinking and self talk. Instead you should be thinking "I choose to ...", "I believe it", "I feel good about...", and "how can I afford it?". By being more positive and optimistic, you will live 30% longer.

This is all about mind set and changing how you think about things. We have the power to control our thoughts. We just need to develop our self confidence and have faith in ourself.

Here are some exercises I came across to help change your thinking.

1. Imagine yourself successful. Close your eyes and see yourself doing whatever you have chosen to do and see yourself making money. This should be done each day.

2. Reflect on your past successes. Celebrate when you reach goals.

3. Set definite goals each week.

When your desire and faith are strong, you can do it! If you think you can, you can, and if not, you won't. Respond positively to life and good things will happen for you.

One of the books I read and am recommending to you is "Think and Grow Rich" by Napoleon Hill. It talks more about the power of your thoughts, desire, faith, and it also gives examples of well known people and their stories.

I'll leave you with my favorite quote which I just heard recently "Change your mind, Change your life". Think about this one...

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