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Skin Clinic For Healthy Skin

People are attracted to healthy skin. Many of us take our skin for granted. We however are going to begin to show signs of aging. The great news is that we can control our skin.

Skin is our largest organ covering 18.2 square feet and weighing 6 pounds.

It provides protection and gives our body shape.

Skin is 75% water. We lose up to a quart or more a day.

Skin Functions

1. Protection

2. Sensation

3. Heat Regulation

4. Excretion

5. Secretion

6. Absorption

The Skin

There are 3 main layers.

Epidermis - top layer It is shed and replaced daily.

Dermis - middle layer It contains blood, nerves, sweat, oil, and hair and cushions the epidermis.

Subcutaneous - lower layer It provides cushioning for internal organs.

We not only need to take care of our skin for its appearance, but also because it provides us with its many functions that is essential.

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