Learn more about your skin and how L'Bri can help

It's Your Skin. Know What Is and Isn't In the Products You Use.

L'Bri starts with aloe and great botanicals, but it also leaves out a lot of ingredients too.

L'Bri's products do not include waxes, mineral oils, drying alcohols, and other harsh chemicals. These ingredients are harmful. They can dry us out, cause blackheads and whiteheads, and clog our pores.

L'Bri also doesn't use synthetic fragrances or artificial FD&C dyes.

Linda and Brian (L'Bri) formulated their products so they could bring you the best line of products out there.

So when choosing a product line, check out those ingredients. The ones listed first are the main ingredient. Remember if it says water, you are paying mostly for water. As the ingredients get further down the list, they are almost non-existent in the products.

You deserve the best, so don't settle for less!

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