L'Bri's Time Erase

Time Erase Alpha Hydroxy Slow Release Serum helps to fade age spots and the appearance of scars. For use with all skin types and most beneficial to people 35 and older.

~works gently and naturally to remove the top, dead layer of skin cells

~stimulates the production of new, healthy cells

~research has shown that alpha hydroxy acids can actually stimulate the production of new collagen and elastin

~very gentle

~reduce lines around the eyes and lips

~reverse signs of aging

~improves clarity of skin

~helps restore moisture

~affordable priced compared to competitors

~when starting out, use once daily for a week and then increase, if you choose, to twice daily

~some people might experience a slight reddening of the skin the first few uses, after a few days this reddening stops completely when using the product

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