Website Vs Blog

Website vs Blog.

Which one do you need? This depends on you and what you prefer. I am going to give you some information about website and blogs and you can decide what it right for you.


~have a certain product

~gives education and information

~has pictures

~gives value to the readers

~develops more over time

~"internet real estate" - you have your own spot

~attract people to you

~doesn't change as often

~takes more time

~better layout and feel


~less time consuming

~can share your values and ideas

~can attract returning visitors

~gets you on search engines


~faster benefits

~constant information is being added

~not as fancy

~relaxed environment


~could have several different ones

When starting out you may find it easier to start with a blog and then eventually have a site. I personally started with the site and have been working on that for a long time adding new content weekly.

Whatever you choose is okay, but just take action today. Don't put it off because then it will never get done.

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