Earn a Free Vacation

As a L'BRI consultant, you can earn a free vacation. Each year L'BRI has a contest for its consultants to participate in.

We are going to New York in October 2011!

L’BRI's Breakway to Broadway is a trip like no other, and in 2011, we are taking you to New York for 2 nights. We will be visiting Central Park, The Statue of Liberty, The Empire State Building, Ground Zero, and going to a Broadway show!

The contest runs from February through July 2011.

Earn 1 point for every dollar from each of your new recruits up to $5000.

2 Trips w/ Airfare: 12,500 points (Level 7)

2 Trips w/o Airfare: 10,000 points (Level 6)

1 Trip w/ Airfare: 8,500 points (Level 5)

1 Trip w/o Airfare: 7,000 points (Level 4)

$300 Gift Card from Best Buy or Sears: 5,000 points (Level 3)

$200 Gift Card from Best Buy or Sears: 3,750 points (Level 2)

$100 Gift Card from Best Buy or Sears: 2,500 points (Level 1)

*guest cannot be a L'BRI consultant

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