L'BRI Home Parties

L'BRI home parties can be an excellent way to make money quickly. They can also be a great way to learn more about the products and how to handle customer questions.

If you decide to join my team, I would actually suggest having at least one home party. I learned so much about the products. I learned the benefits and was able to communicate them to the guests. I was asked questions, which gave me a chance to answer if I knew or find out an answer (which made me more ready for next time).

Also, L'BRI has a quick start program where you can earn free products and bonus'. I suggest having home parties, so that you can take advantage of these great opportunities.

When you start your business online, it will take some time for you to drive traffic to your site. This is another reason for having shows when you first start out. Another option would be for you to start your web site or blog before you actually sign on as a consultant. Your quick start begins from the day you sign up and runs your first 3 months.

Home Parties

A show consists of 4 people new to L'BRI's products. Your hostess will get a free make-over from you. Then you will have the choice to do the skin care on your guest's face or their hands. I found using the face really let them feel the product and they loved experiencing the facial masque! They saw the results right away not matter what age they were.

Your hostess becomes your business partner. You will want to send her a thank you card after her show to show your gratitude for inviting you into her home.

You will need to coach your hostess a few times before the show. Once when they book, at least once on the phone, and then again the night of the show. Your hostess will call and invite people over the phone. Then reminder cards will be sent to those who are coming.

You can do L'BRI tic tac toe with your hostess and they can win prizes. L'BRI suggests that no kids are at the show, so it's just a time for the adults to get pampered. Also you will want to avoid cancellations.

L'BRI offers a free hostess program, so your hostess can earn lots of free product based on the sales. You also earn bonus' when your guests book a lesson. Your guest who booked a show also will get a gift from you.

One tool that you could use to organize your shows is an open date card. This is just a card that has your dates that you want to work on it that people can choose to have their shows on.

If someone can't make the show, you could do a one-on-one with them. You could meet at their house or yours and show them the products and even do a make-over if you choose.

It will be very important for you to follow up with your hostess and the guests to ensure they got their order, answer questions, and make sure they are using the products correctly.

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