Hostess Conversion

Hostess conversion refers to you signing up your hostess as a new consultant. Here are some suggested ways for you to talk with your hostess about becoming a consultant.

~talk with your hostess to see if the business would fit into her lifestyle and if she would be interested

~discuss how she/he can get started and how you will help her

~meet with him/her at their house to discuss the show

~find out how many hours she/he can devote to the business

~find out how much money they would like to make and what they would do with it

~ask about the types of activities that they are involved in where they would be networking with other people who would be interested in their new business

~talk about L'BRI's 5 streams of income

1. lessons - you can earn on average $100 a show

2. reorders - we have consumable products, so people need to reorder when they run out

3. referrals - people naturally tell their family and friends when they find something that they like and works

4. sampling - handing out samples is a great way to get people trying the product and then they can order full size products.

5. recruiting - sharing the opportunity with others

Why do people become consultants?

~to have fun and to be more social

~to have an opportunity to get out more and meet new people

~to earn extra income

~to get out of credit card debt

~to buy new carpeting of furniture

~to start a satisfying, rewarding new career

~to grow as an individual and become more self-confident

~to have a career that is flexible and can work around their other commitments

Benefits of L'BRI

~no inventory to carry and no products to deliver

~part time and flexible

~low start up costs

~working with a young company and room for growth

~great natural product

~consumable products, so more reorders

~free sampling program

Hostess conversion is one of the easiest ways to sponsor new people into your business because they already use the product and love it, so it's only natural for them to join and receive discounts for themselves and their family and friends.

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