Info Packets

Info packets are used to educate your customers about products and the opportunity.

This is something that you create using the marketing materials put out by the company or by creating your own.

L'BRI has a L'BRI vs. the Competition brochure that is very helpful to show why these products really are a cut above the rest. You will want to have these available to send home with people.

L'BRI's Dare To Dream brochure is also helpful to tell people about the opportunity available. I have also used this in a popcorn and a movie bag. I put the brochure, a L'BRI opportunity DVD, water, and popcorn to send home with anyone interested in your business.

L'BRI offers the DVDs and also CDs to use to promote the business. You will want to keep some information with you for whenever you may need it.

Another thing I have done was to create a folder with information in it. I included a little about the business, direct selling, incentive programs, brochures, etc. Then I put my contact information in there with a DVD or CD. These are just a couple of things that I've used.

Using packets or bags of information will help people get excited about joining your team.

If you ever have any questions or would like to see examples, please contact me by clicking here.

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