Party Cards from Shari Hudspeth

Party Cards from Call 4 of Shari Hudspeth's trainings.

On Call 4, Shari talked all about her party cards and dice game.

The cards are two sets of 10 cards to use at home parties. She has had much success in using them. They make shows stick to a time line. This way your shows will be fast, fun, and easy.

One set of cards is for the consultant. Each card has information that you will say.

The other set of cards is for the guests. As the guests arrive, give them a card. If you have less than ten guests, still give out all the cards. Some people may have more than one, which is okay.

You start out the show asking who has card 1. That person reads the back of her card. Then you would respond with what the back of your card says.

You will be giving out information about having a show, joining the business, and about the products.

You will go through each of the ten cards. Shari says that this show will take about 30 minutes. However with L'BRI being a skincare company, the guests will be trying products on the back of their hands, so it will take closer to 45 minutes.

This is drastically shorter than when I first started with L'BRI. Shows back then were an hour and half or two hours.

I did order the cards to check them out. They look great! I had to adapt them to fit more with how L'BRI works. Shari also developed cards specifically for L'BRI, which is cool.

If you are planning to have any shows (which I recommend having a few because it will help you to know the products better and working directly with the customers is a good experience), I would definitely recommend using the cards.

If I have any shows in the future, I will use the party cards and let you know how it worked out for me. Shari has tons of testimonials of her customers having great success using the cards and also her dice game.

The second part of this call she talked about this dice game. She was introduced to it, and didn't try it for awhile. She didn't think her clientele would like it. Others were having much success, so she finally decided to try it.

You need a pair of dice and 11 envelopes.

In the envelopes, some say win a prize, some say book a show, and one says win the grand prize.

She went through how to play the game. Specifically the words that she uses. The main idea, is that you go around and let everyone roll. They get the corresponding envelope to what they rolled.

At the end before everyone opens their envelope, she offered everyone the grand prize if they decided to book a show right now. She would bring them their grand prize at their show.

Then everyone would open their envelopes and win whatever was inside.

The win a prize would be a small $1 or so gift.

The grand prize would be a product that you talked about during your presentation that had a perceived value of $20-$30.

And that's the dice game. Again Shari has many, many testimonials from happy customers that use the dice game and have booked their calendar up with shows.

This could be a great way for you to have more success if you choose to have home parties.

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