Recruit at Shows

Recruit at Shows

(Bonus Shari training)

Here are some of Shari’s recruiting stoppers.

1. too much info – have a small packet of information like a catalogue, opportunity brochure, and recruitment promotion. Call the next day to see what they think.

2. Perfect show – if you make the show perfect, people think “Oh I can’t do that”. Make your show look easy if you want to recruit others to your business.

3. Presentation is too long – people are busy. Make your show fun, fast, and easy.

4. Overdressing or under-dressing – dress casual, like black pants and a nice top (a sweater).

5. Hot issues – religion and politics. Don’t bother bringing it up.

5 Winners

5 Winners

1. 1 trip into the house and a quick set up

2. quick and easy presentation – make it duplicateable

3. be excited – it’s contagious

4. have fun!

5. match their tone in speech – if they are slow you talk slow, if they are loud you talk loud.

Action Steps

3 Action Steps

1. offer the opportunity to at least 3 people at the show. Compliment them. Tell them they are so kind or recognize a special quality they possess.

2. Follow up in 24 hours. The longer you wait, the more they doubt themselves or their family and friends put negative ideas in their head.

3. invite them to team meetings

The more practice you get, the better you will get.

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