Sponsoring Games For Home Parties

There are several sponsoring games. Pick the ones you like or try them all to mix up your home parties.

$800 Sponsor Game

This sponsoring game can be played at the beginning of your home party.

Create paper money on your computer. You will need 8 - $100 bills. (you could put your company logo on the center of the bills) Fan the money out and put one staple to connect them all together.

Pass the bills around to each person. They should tell everyone their name and what they would do with an extra $800. After everyone shares, you can tell them "watch what I do tonight at your lesson. If you do 2 shows a week, you could make an extra $800 a month"

Ticket Game

This sponsoring game can be played whenever you choose during your lesson.

All you'll need is some tickets. Tell your guests "for every question you ask me about my business, you will get one ticket." At the end of the game, put the tickets into a raffle hat/bowl and draw for a winner. The more tickets you have, the better chance you have of winning.

Sample questions could be about start up costs, inventory, training, weekly paychecks, how many shows, website, contests, bonus programs, etc.

Give the winner a small gift of your choice.

Flashcard Game

Top Ten Reasons to be a Consultant.

Prepare ten notecards with the following; pay off debt, need a vacation, work from home, something just for you, security - your own business, career with unlimited income opportunity, independence, dream home, change people's lives, and fun.

Read each card and have your guests raise their hands if the card applies to them. Hand out the card to the first person who raises their hand. Whoever has the most cards, gets a prize.

You will be able to talk about your business after you hand out each card.

Bag Game

Get a decorative bag and place different items in it. The items you should put in it will allow you to talk about your business.

put $800 from game above - talk about the extra money you make

picture of kids/family - talk about your freedom of time/choose my own hours

clock - having more time to pursue a hobby or whatever

a barbie doll - talk about dressing up nice for shows and conventions

picture of a trip - something that you've won

rubber band - talk about the flexibility of your business

toy car - talk about how you can earn a car

mirror - talk about your boss is understanding, flexible, nice, beautiful, etc. because it's you!

company product - talk about the discount you get

You can choose what to put in your bag and then relate it to why you love your job. This game doesn't really have a winner.

Name Game

On a sheet of paper -

Who do you know that would enjoy being pampered with L'Bri's luxurious skincare products?

Who do you know that would enjoy a wonderful new look with a glamour makeover from L'Bri?

List below, all the names (no telephone numbers) of friends, family, co-workers, neighbors, etc. and win a prize!

Give them a time limit. Whoever writes down the most names gets a prize.

Whichever you choose, your guests will have fun with if you do! These can be great ways to tell people about your business. Afterwards, listen to what people are saying. There is at least one recruit at each party.

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