Shari Hudspeth Training Call 2

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This week, Shari talked about getting bookings the easy way.

When asking people to have a home party, you need to express how fun it is, how it doesn't take a long time, and it's easy.

Instead of calling and telling her about the specials of the month, which is what most people do, you have to take something off of her plate.

"When's the last time you got together with your girlfriends? Escape the chaos and take a break from the madness. Get your girlfriends together for a fun evening"

Instead of them thinking about having to clean the house or do their daily routines. They think about getting together and having some girl time.

Shari offered some different kinds of parties.

~5-1-1 This is where the hostess invites five people and they each bring one friend and it only takes an hour

~having a theme party: PJ, naughty nighty, restaurant, office, costume, fiesta, etc.

Hostess Coaching


F ~ friends

R ~ relatives

A ~ acquaintances

N ~ neighbors

K ~ kids, people who are involved with your kids

When coaching hostesses, go through FRANK. Have them quickly right down three to five names for each one.

Have her fill out her wish list. If you know what she wants, you can help her to earn it.

You can mail out the invites or have her do this.

Limit the snacks. People don't want to book a show if the hostess has provided this wonderful spread of food. They think "I can't do that". So just have some water and tea and a few snacks, crackers, cookies, etc.

Every time you call, focus on what the hostess gets. Keep it short. Also focus on the fun and friendship of the show. It's girl time.

At the Show

You will want to show less product and have more booking seeds.

Laugh and have fun!

Engage the audience

Do question and answer

Play stack the hostess - this is where you visually show what they get by placing the product in their lap

Give out raffle tickets for everything

Build rapport before, during, and after the show

Shari Hudspeth offers her party cards and dice game to get more bookings

Other Booking Ideas

#1 Facebook - connect with people through personal chat and messages, sending them a personal invite makes them feel special, market yourself once to every 5-7 personal posts

#2 Text - you can get an almost instant response, use this to follow up with people who are interested in what you are doing

#3 E-mail - they can respond on their own time

This is where this week's call ended. Check back for more info next week.

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